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    If you want to manage fire safety effectively you will need to understand where your risk is and how it is likely to affect you. So do you need a fire risk assessment and if you have one does it really help you manage your risk of fire? What are your legal obligations and have you met them? How do you manage your relationship with the fire authority? Is compliance enough or do you need more? Not sure? We can help.

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    There are time when you absolutely need to communicate significant messages to staff and colleagues. When it comes to developing training, we can help. You may need to develop seminars or film training videos that are specific to your business. We can help.

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    Planning a build or changing something on site? Want to understand what happened in an incident so that you can prevent further incidents? Need to plan a quality design review to cover fire risk? We can help.

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    Need to understand what your fire risk really looks like. You will need someone who has dealt with fire and managed fire safety too. We can help.


Putting off managing your fire risk.


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