Case Study 3

Fire Safety On Track

Gentle Fire Solutions is proud to be working with Keolis Amey Docklands Ltd to assist in managing their focus on fire related issues. As the provider of the operational service for the DLR network in London, the basic elements relating to fire safety were already well appreciated. However, Keolis Amey Docklands Ltd were keen to enhance the general level of awareness relating to all facets of fire safety and fire risk management, and Gentle Fire Solutions has been very pleased to be able to assist with the provision of this additional drive for safety.

Providing an independent view on some specific fire risks was the original task requested by the HSQE directorate. This has resulted in several specific reports being delivered, the culmination of various studies relating to individual elements across the asset portfolio. An opportunity was created to look at specific risk elements, such as bespoke fire suppression systems, tunnel infrastructure, including the ventilation and the fire management strategy for existing and planned structures. As a result of the original works, it was Keolis Amey Docklands Ltd, who felt they needed a general review of fire safety and this has resulted in an uprated fire risk assessment program. This new element provides a method of tracking the progress of any remedial actions to completion and gives the management team a clearer view if the current status of fire risk. Assessments covered both public access areas, such as stations, as well as plant rooms, workshops, control facilities and engineering depots.

It is hoped that the work already completed, combined with the planned future elements of this on-going attention to fire safety, will enhance the business’ ability to identify and manage their fire risk even more effectively than before. Doing so, using the practical solutions and clear guidance given by Gentle Fire Solutions, will enable managers to deliver fire safety in a way that provides a safe environment for all those working within and using the DLR network. Just as important, it also delivers those results in a way that is sympathetic to the requirements of customers and works for the excellent team who run this service so well for Londoners and their guests. Gentle Fire Solutions. Making fire safety work for people.

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