Understanding Incidents


What are incidents and how do they occur?

These are two very good questions.

Put in the simplest terms an incident is "something you did not want to happen."

How many times have you seen the company spokesperson being interviewed on television in front of the smouldering ruin of the business and listened to them saying that "Safety is their number one priority". My comment to that is always, "clearly not!"

None of us are immune from the possibility of a fire incident but understanding how incidents come about and being able to effectively investigate the small incidents will most certainly help your business avoid the big one.

Do you have an effective way of planning, investigating and analysing incidents in your company? Few companies really seek to establish the true root causes of the incidents that they have.

Do you find that you have the same type of incidents happening on a fairly regular basis? If you do, it means that your preventative actions have almost certainly not been directed at the true root causes of the problem.

There are some simple and very effective methods of developing effective root cause analysis. They do need a little explaining and it takes a bit of training to get the hang of the process but the benefits could easily save your business.

We can help.