Managing Change


Every business needs to be in a place where they can predict the future. Sounds a little odd but your customers need to know when you will deliver your products to them, how many and when your staff will arrive to carry out work, the quality of your product. The list goes on and on and it's all based on an assumption that we know what will happen in the future.

The problem is, nobody can accurately predict the future or we would all have won the lottery by now! Yet on a daily basis we expect things to run to a normal schedule.

The businesses that stand out in the world are the ones that consistently deliver quality, on time and on budget. So how do they do that year in year out?

Part of the answer is management of change. Things tend to go wrong when the standard process is interrupted. It could be anything but in most cases if you are managing effectively you should be able to see these things coming.

Look for changes. Changes in the weather, new staff, new equipment, new processes, the list is endless but if you know your business you will be able to identify the ones that present the greatest risk. These are examples of change that could easily produce disruption to the normal performance of your business and from a fire safety viewpoint can also place your business in a more vulnerable place than normal.

It is therefore important to develop a culture within your business that identifies the changes both within your business and any external influences that would pre dispose your business to additional risk of fire.

Plainly you can't avoid the fact that there will be changes but you can recognise them early and have plans in place to ensure that change does not turn into reduced performance standards or worse still some form of incident.

Part of a good fire safety strategy will require you to manage change effectively.

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